Composition :

Each 5 ml (1 measuring spoon) NUCRAL® Suspension contains Sucralfate 500 mg

Each tablet NUCRAL® contains Sucralfate 500 mg

Each sachet NUCRAL® Suspension contains Sucralfate 1000 mg


Pharmacology :

Sucralfate is a complex formed from octysulfuric sucrose of poly aluminum hydroxide. Sucralfate activity as an antiulcer is the result of the formation of the Sucralfate complex with proteins that form a protective layer that covers the ulcer and protects against the same attacks of the stomach, pepsin and bile salts. Laboratory and clinical trials show that Sucralfate cures ulcers in three ways:

  • Establish chemical complexes associated with the CENTRAL ulcer so that it is a protective layer.
  • Inhibits action of acids, pepsin and bile salts.
  • Inhibits the diffusion of stomach acid through the sucrafate-albumin film layer.

Research shows that Sucralfate can be in the long term in the gastrointestinal tract resulting in a long drug effect. Sucralfate is very little absorbed in the digestive tract resulting in minimal systemic side effects.


Indication :

Short-term treatment ( up to 8 weeks) on the duodenal ulcer.


Dosage :

Common for adult patients is: 4 times 2 measuring spoons or 1 sachet (10 mL) or 4 times 2 tablets, when the stomach is empty (1 hour before meal and sleeping). Treatment must be contined, unless the endoscopy or X-ray has shown healing.


Presentation and Registration Number :

NUCRAL® Suspension Box, bottle @ 100 ml; DKL1108016233A1

NUCRAL® Suspension Box, bottle @ 200 ml; DKL1108016233A1

NUCRAL® Suspension Box, 15 sachets @ 10 ml; DKL1108016233A1

NUCRAL® Tablet Box, 6 strips @ 10 tablets; DKL1108016410A1



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