An histamine H2 receptor antagonist inhibits histamine work competitively on H2 receptors and reduces gastric acid secretion.


Lopreamide is an antispasmodic, in which the exact mechanism of action can not be explained.


Cisapride is a serotonin receptor antagonist that stimulates gastrointestinal motility by increasing sphinteric pressure of the lower esophagus and increasing esophageal acid clearance.


Neutralize excess stomach acid and coat the surface of the gastric mucosa thus reducing stomach irritation


URSOLICĀ® contains Ursodeoxycholic acid that acts by change cholesterol deposits into soluble cholesterol so that dissolution (melt) by stimulating the formation of lecithin cholesterol layer of liquid on the stone surface.

Procur Plus

As a food supplement to help maintain liver function.


Helps to maintain healthy liver.

Vomil B6

Working centrally inhibits vomiting reflex impulses at the emetic center and on the CTZ (chemoreceptor trigger zone).


Misoprostol is a synthetic analog of prostaglandin E1 which has an antisecretory effect and protects the gastric mucosa. Its antisecretory effect is a direct effect on specific prostaglandin receptors on the surface gastric parietal cells.