Ethigobal Capsule

Composition : Each capsule ETHIGOBAL® contains Mecobalamin 500 mcgI   Pharmacology : Improve the metabolic disorders of nucleic acids and... View more


Composition : Each 5 mL (1 scoop) of GARKENE® syrup contains 250 mg of Valproic acid.   Pharmacology : Valproic... View more


Piracetam (2-pyrrolidon-acetamide) is a nootropic agent

Ethigobal injection

Mecobalamin is a homolog of Vitamin B12. Mecobalamin plays a role in the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids.


Citicoline may increase blood flow and O2 consumption in the brain in the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders so as to correct impaired consciousness.


Flunarizine is a calcium entry blocker that works selectively and has no effect on heart’s contraction and conduction.


Donepezil HCl is a specific acethylcholineesterase inhibitors and reversible, the mainly cholinesterase in the brain.


Gabapentin is structurally binds to the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma - aminobutyric acid) but its mechanism is different from the drugs