Composition :

Each tablet UNALIUM® 5 contains Flunarizine HCl equivalent with Flunarizine 5 mg

Each tablet UNALIUM® 10 mengandung Flunarizine HCl equivalent with Flunarizine 10 mg


Pharmacology :

Flunarizine is a calcium entry blocker that works selectively and has no effect on heart’s contraction and conduction. Clinical studies show that Flunarizine prevents migraine attacks, suppresses the irritability of the vestibular system and eliminates the symptoms of cerebral and peripheral circulatory disorders. Flunarizine has a long service life, so it can be given once daily.


Indication :

  1. Prevent migraine
  2. Treatment and prevention of vestibular disorders and cerebral and peripheral blood circulatory disorders: dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, difficulty concentrating and confusion, memory impairment, sleep rhythm disturbances and irritability, seizures while walking and lying, paresthesia, cold extremities and tropic disorders. During treatment with Fkunarizine if necessary with diet, no smoking and walking exercises.


Dosage :

Average daily dose of 10 mg can be taken at the same time before bedtime or 5 mg in the morning and 5 mg at bedtime.


  • Migraine prophylaxis:

Initial dose:

Patients <65 years of age: 10 mg / day (night).

Patients age> 65 years: 5 mg.day. When side effects arise, treatment should be stopped.

If after 2 months of treatment there is no breeding, treatment should be stopped.

‘Maintenance’ dose:

If the patient’s response is satisfactory and if a ‘maintenance’ dose is required, then drug administration should be reduced to 5 days per week (2 days a week without medication). Although the ‘maintenance’ dose of prophylaxis is successful and well tolerated, this treatment should be discontinued after 6 months and continued only if the patient relapse.


  • Treatment and prevention of vestibular disorders and cerebral and peripheral circulatory disorders. The daily dose is the same as the use for migraine.


Treatment therapy is sufficient until symptoms disappear, usually less than 2 months. For chronic vertigo 1 month more or paroxysmal vertigo 2 months, if there is no significant improvement, then the patient should be considered as non-responder and treatment should be stopped, should be given once a day at night to anticipate sleepy effect.


  • Over dose:
    • Can occur sedation and asthenia
    • Acute over dose such as sedation, agitation, and tachycardia
    • Acute over dose can be overcome by administration of activated carbon, gastric wash and supportive treatment
    • Extrapyramidal and depressive symptoms are reported in patients receiving 10-40 mg/day for treatment between 3 weeks to 15 months


Presentation and Registration Number :

UNALIUM® 5 Box, 2 blisters @ 10 tablets; DKL9408001819B1

UNALIUM® 10 Box, 2 blisters @ 10 tablets; DKL9408001819A1







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