Composition :

Each gram of SCACID® cream contains Permethrin 50 mg


Pharmacology :

Permethrin is a broad spectrum antiparasitic against mites, head lice, body lice and other arthropods. Permethrin works by interfering with the polarization of the parasite’s nerve cell wall by binding to sodium. This slows down the repolarization of the cell wall and eventually paralysis of the parasite occurs. Permethrin is rapidly metabolized in the skin. The results of metabolism that are inactive will soon be excreted through the urine.


Indication :

Sarcoptes scabiei (scabies) investment therapy


How to use :

SCACID® Cream is for single use. Apply SCACID® Cream evenly on the entire surface of the skin from the head to the toes, especially the area behind the ears, folds of the buttocks and between the fingers. The duration of use is 8-12 hours. It is recommended that you apply it at night and then wash it off the next day.


Packaging :

SCACID® Cream Box, Tube @ 10 g No. Reg.: DKL1608024229A1

SCACID® Cream Box, Tube @ 30 g No. Reg.: DKL1608024229A1



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