Composition :

Each tablet OXTIN® contains Oxatomide 30 mg


Pharmacology :

In allergic reactions, a series of mediators (histamine, slow-reacting substance, etc.) are released from mastocyte cells that cause allergic symptoms. Oxatomide is an anti allergy, because Oxatomide can suppress mediator expenditure from mastocytes and prevent its effects.


Indocation :

Prophylaxis and basic therapies for allergic diseases mainly rhinitis, chronic urticaria, follicular conjunctivitis and food allergies. In patients with extrinsic asthma, it is only used on treatment and is not suitable for prevention. If necessary, Oxatimide may be combined with other drugs on condition that they have a different mechanism of action than Oxatomide. Oxatomide is unsuitable for treating an acute allergic disease, such as an asthma attack


Dosage :

Oxatomide should be taken after breakfast and dinner

Adult: 1 tablet once, 2 times daily



Age 6-14 years old: 0.5 mg/kg body weight, 2 times daily.

Body weight 15-35 kg: ½ tablet (15 mg), 2 times daily.

Body weight > 35 kg: 1 tablet (30 mg), 2 times daily.

If after one week the result is inadequate, the above dosage can be doubled.


Presentation and Registration Number :

OXTIN   Box, 5 strips @ 10 tablets; DKL9308001010A1



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