Composition :

Each ml NYNDIA® drops contains Nystatin 100.000 IU


Pharmacology :

  • Nystatin is an antifungal antibiotic derived from Streptomyces noursei. Its antifungal activity is obtained by binding to the fungal cell membrane sterols, so that the permeability of the cell membrane will be disrupted and the intracellular component may be lost.
  • Nystatin has fungicidal or fungistatic activity against various types of yeast and fungi including Candida (Monilia) spp, but is inactive against bacteria, viruses or protozoa
  • Nystatin only slightly absorbed in the digestive tract. If administered at the recommended dosage, it is almost excreted through the feces in unchanged form


Indication :                                                                                          

Treatment of candidiasis in the oral cavity, esophagus and intestinal and to prevent oral candidiasis in infants born from mothers who has a history of vaginal candidiasis


Dosage :

Infant and children:

  • For intestinal and oral candidiasis: recommended dose 1-2 ml (100,000 – 200,000 IU) 4 times daily.
  • For prevention neonates from mothers suffering from vaginal candidiasis: 1 ml drip dripped into the mouth, once a day.


For intestinal and oral candidiasis: the recommended dose 5 ml (500,000 IU) 4 times daily. Duration of administration up to 14 days if required.


Treatment with NYNDIA® drops should be continued for up to 48 hours after symptoms disappear and normal culture returns. If after 14 days of treatment, complaints and symptoms worsen or persist, should be reevaluated and recommended for alternative treatment accordingly.


Presentation and Registration Number :

NYNDIA® drops Bottle @ 12 mL with a dropper dropper; DKL1008015536A1



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