Composition :

Each gram cream NUFACE® 0.025% contains Tretinoin 0.25 mg

Each gram cream NUFACE® 0.05% contains Tretinoin 0.5 mg


Pharmacology :

Mechanism of action Tretinoin can reduce the cohesiveness of follicular epithelial cells accompanied by the reduction of microcomedo formation. This drug can stimulate the activity of mitosis from the formation of new follicle epithelial cells, which affect push blackheads out.


Indication :

NUFACE® is indicated for topical treatment of acne vulgaris, reduction of blackheads, papules and pustules


Dosage :

NUFACE® cream is used topically, once a day before bedtime in acne lesions. Apply to cover all affected areas thinly


Presentation and Registration Number :

NUFACE® 0.025% Tube @ 10 gram; DKL9408002829A1

NUFACE® 0.05%  Tube @ 10 gram            ; DKL9408002829B1



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