Composition :

Each capsule NORSEC® contains Omeprazole 20 mg


Pharmacology :

  • NORSEC® (Omeprazole) has a very selective mechanism in reducing gastric acid secretion and generates a certain dose that inhibits H +, K +, ATP-ase (proton pump) enzymes in parietal cells
  • While there is an inhibition of the final phase of gastric acid formation, there is an effective barrier both in the basal and in the stimulation of acid secretion without affecting the acid-forming stimulus
  • Omeprazole has no effect on acetylcholine receptors or histamine
  • No clinically significant pharmacodynamic effects other than the effect on acid secretion
  • Initial on-going drug activity and alternating control of gastric acid secretion can be achieved with a once-daily dose


Indication :

  • Short treatment duodenal ulcer
  • Short treatment gastric ulcer
  • Short treatment esophagitis reflux erosiva/ulserativa
  • Zollinger-Ellison syndrome


Dosage :

  • For duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and reflux esophagitis erosiva/ulserativa: dose of 20 mg (1 capsule) once daily

In patients with duodenal ulcers, healing occurs within 2 weeks of treatment. For patients who have not recovered well in this early stage of treatment, it will usually take a treatment period of 2 weeks

In patients with duodenal ulcers and ulcerative/erosive esophagitis reflux, healing occurs within 4 weeks of treatment. For patients who have not healed properly, it takes about 4 weeks later

In patients who are difficult to cure with other medications, it takes 40 mg NORSEC® (2 capsules) once daily and usually healing occurs after 4-8 weeks of treatment


  • For Zollinger-Ellison syndrome:

The recommended dose at initial of treatment: 60 mg once daily. This dose should be adjusted for each individual and treatment takes place as long as there is clinical indication

In patients with severe disease and less responding to other therapies have been studied thoroughly over 90% requiring a dose of about 20-120 mg per day. For doses greater than 80 mg/day, the dose should be divided and administered twice daily. In the elderly and patients with impaired kidney and liver function is not required a special dose.


  • There is no experience of using Omperazole in children


Presentation and Registration Number :

NORSEC®  Box  5 strip @ 4 Capsule; DKL9508003303A1



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