Composition :

Each tablet NALETAL® 50   contains Cilostazol 50 mg

Each tablet NALETAL® 100 contains Cilostazol 100 mg


Pharmacology :

  • Cilostazol has anti-platelet and vasodilator effects with inhibitory effects of cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase (cAMP-PDE) activity of platelets and fine muscle vessels.
  • Inhibits the release of serotonin from platelets in rabbits but does not affect the taking of serotonin and adenosine by platelets.
  • Inhibits platelet aggregation enhanced by thromboxane A2 (TXA2).
  • It does not affect the metabolism of arachidonic acid in platelets.


Indication :

NALETAL®tablet direkomendasikan untuk pengobatan bermacam-macam penyakit iskemia seperti ulkus, rasa sakit, dan rasa dingin yang menyertai dari penyakit penyumbatan pembuluh arteri kronis.


Dosage :

The usual dose for adults 100 mg, 2 times daily given orally. Dose adjusted based on patient age, disease condition and others.


Presentation and Registration Number :

NALETAL® 50 Box, 3 strips @ 10 tablets; DKL0308013110A1

NALETAL®100 Box, 3 strips @ 10 tablets; DKL0308013110B1





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