Composition :

Each ml KTM ® 100 contain Ketamine HCl equivalent to Ketamine 100 mg


Pharmacology :

Ketamine is a rapid intra vena or intra muscular anesthetic with a clear pharmacological effect. The state in which a change of consciousness accompanied by the analgesia effect of Ketamine is called dissociative anesthesia. Ketamine HCl has dissociative anesthesia characteristics through catalepsy, amnesia and marked long-lasting analgesia during the healing period. Pharyngeal – laryngeal reflexes may be reduced and skeletal muscle pressure may be normal or varying. Mild heart and respiratory stimulation may occur, as well as respiratory depression occasionally.


Indication :

Ketamine injection is indicated for:

  • Single anesthetics for surgical and diagnostic procedures. The addition of doses can be done for anesthetic procedures that take longer than 6 hours and if desired skeletal muscle relaxation should be used a muscle relaxant.
  • Induction of anesthetics prior to use of other common anesthetics.
  • In addition to the administration of potentially low anesthetics.


In addition it can also be used for specific things or type perosedur as follows:

  • Neurodiagnostic procedures such as pneumoencephalography, ventriculography, myelography.
  • Debridement, painful bandage replacement and exfoliation of burns and deep surgical procedures.
  • Diagnostic and surgical procedures of the eyes, ears, nose and mouth including tooth extraction.
  • Orthopedic procedures, such as shortening, manipulation, groin bumping, amputation and biopsy.
  • Sigmoidoscopy and minor surgery on the rectum, rectum and circumcision.
  • Cardiac catheterization procedure.
  • In the case of the desired use i.m.
  • Anesthetics in critical patients with depression for vital functions.


Dosage :

Usage for bolus injection:

  • Induction
  1. Intra venous (i.v) starting dose of KTM® injection between 1 – 4.5 mg / kg as Ketamine base, but rarely required exceeds 2 mg / kg. It is recommended to use i.v done slowly (approximately within 60 seconds). Faster use may cause respiratory depression and increase blood pressure
  2. Intra muscular (i.m) starting dose KTM® injection between 6.5 – 10 mg / kg as Ketamine base


  • Maintenance Anesthetic
  1. KTM® injection as a single anesthetic, is maintained by supplemental dosage either i.v or i.m regardless of what method is used for induction. Both i.v and i.m for the maintenance of anesthetics each dose addition is ½ to the same dose as above.
  2. KTM® injection as an inducer precedes another anesthetic and when KTM® injection is used i.v where general anesthetics is primarily working slowly then the second dose of KTM® injection takes 5 – 8 minutes after the first dose is given.
  3. If respiratory exchanges are adequately maintained, clinical injectable KTM® may be used in conjunction with commonly used local and common anesthetics. The dose is the same as the dose for induction and if necessary the dose can be lowered.


Presentation and Registration Number :

KTM® 100 Injection Box 1 vial @ 10 ml; DKL0408013443B1











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