Composition :

Each film coated caplet GOTROPIL® 800 contains Piracetam 800 mg

Each film coated caplet GOTROPIL® 1200 contains Piracetam 1200 mg


Pharmacology :

Piracetam (2-pyrrolidon-acetamide) is a nootropic agent


Indication :

  • Psycho-organic symptoms associated with elderly such as the decline in thinking, adaptation disorders psychomotor reactions.
  • Post-traumatic symptoms.
  • Chronic alcoholism and addiction.


Dosage :

  • Psycho-organic symptoms which related with elderly:

Initial dose is 2.4 g daily for 6 weeks in divided 3 doses.

The maintenance dose is recommended 1.2 g daily divided into 3 doses

  • Post traumatic symptoms:

Initial dose: 3 times daily 800 mg orally and when the desired effect is obtained, the dose is gradually reduced to 3 times daily 400 mg.

  • Patients who require larger doses are used GOTROPIL®

The usual dosage: 1.2-4.8 g / day in is divided into two or three doses.


Presentation and Registration Number :

GOTROPIL® 800 Box, 5 strips @ 10 film coated caplets; DKL0808013909A1

GOTROPIL® 1200 Box, 5 strips @ 10 film coated caplets; DKL0808013909B1



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