Ethigobal injection

Composition :

Each ml ETHIGOBAL® Injection contain Mecobalamin 500 mcg


Pharmacology :

Mecobalamin is a homolog of Vitamin B12. Mecobalamin plays a role in the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids. Mecobalamin is the only homologous vitamin B12 that plays a role in the transmetilasi process in the human body. Mecobalamin facilitates RNA-transfer in the methylation process that plays an important role in protein synthesis and changes homocysteine to methionine. Mecobalamin helps restore atrophic muscle strength and Mecobalamin corrects nerve tissue damage in encephalitis and neuritis in experimental animals. This is because Mecobalamin has the activity to increase the synthesis of nucleic acids and protein synthesis on the nerves and facilitate myelogenesis.


Indication :

For peripheral neuropathy therapy


Dosage :

1 ampoule (i.m./i.v.) 3 times a week


Presentation and Registration Number:

ETHIGOBAL® Injection Box, 6 ampoules @ 1 ml; DKL1008025843A1



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