Ethigobal Capsule

Composition :

Each capsule ETHIGOBAL® contains Mecobalamin 500 mcgI


Pharmacology :

  1. Improve the metabolic disorders of nucleic acids and proteins in the nerve tissue
  • Mecobalamin is the only homologue among the vitamin B12 types that play a role in the transmethylation process. Mecobalamin simplify the process of transfer RNA methylation plays an important role in protein synthesis and stimulates the synthesis of methionine in the glial cells in mice, much larger than cobamamide.
  • Mecobalamin increase the uptake of uridine on rats suffering from deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid, as well as help restore normal levels of RNA in nerve cells, also increase the revenue of leucine into the damaged nerve. In other words, Mecobalamin facilitates the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in nerve cells.
  1. Improve the nerve tissue
  • In experiments using mice that have been damaged by unilateral nerves, Mecobalamin accelerates the healing of atrophic muscles. This demonstrates the activity of Mecobalamin which stimulates parts of Schwann cells, which will facilitate the process of myelinogenesis and increase protein synthesis.
  • In guinea pigs suffering from allergies encephalitis or neuritis, looked Mecobalamin inhibit changes – changes that regressive and disease progression by demonstrating the effects of damaged nerve tissue healing.
  1. Improves sensory and motor neuron disorders

In the clinical trial is a double – blind with control in the case of peripheral neuropathy, helpful Mecobalamin 77.3%, and the effectiveness of Mecobalamin much larger than the motor disorders, such as gait disturbance, dystaxis and abnormal knee reflex and the sensory disturbances, such as numbness and Paresthesia.


Indication :

Capsule : 1 capsule, 3 times daily.

Ampoule: 1 ampoule (i.m./i/v.) 3 time weekly.


Presentation and Registration Number :

ETHIGOBAL®      Box, 5 strips @ 10 capsule; DKL9908011901B1

ETHIGOBAL®      Box, 6 ampouless @ 1 ml; DKL1008015843A1





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