Composition :

Each capsule COLTIN® contains Erdosteine 300 mg


Pharmacology :

Erdosteine works pharmacologically as a diluent drug for bronchial mucus. Erdosteine is classified as a mucolytic drug. Erdosteine, in addition to having properties as a mucus bronchus diluent to facilitate expectoration, also exhibits its effect as an antagonist to the “in loc” formation of free radicals and is very different from the work of the window enzyme. Pharmacological studies show that Erdosteine does not seem to have the above properties, but only metabolizes, turns into an active metabolite having a -SH chemical group. This metabolite breaks the -SH group and causes a reduction in the elasticity and viscosity of the mucus to facilitate expectoration. The chemical group -SH, differs from this activity, is chemically bound and becomes free only after metabolization or bonding to alkali. This trait ensures good tolerability without unpleasant taste and without mercaptanism and good tolerability in the gaster.


Indication :

Mucolytic, reduce mucous secretory on acute and chronic respiratory tract


Dosage :

1 capsule, 2-3 times daily.


Presentation and Registration Number :

COLTIN® Capsule Box, 2 strips @ 10 capsules; DKL1608024101A1





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