Composition :

Each film coated tablet ALMEN® contains Donepezil 5 mg


Pharmacology :

Donepezil HCl is a specific acethylcholineesterase inhibitors and reversible, the mainly cholinesterase in the brain. Acethylcholineesterase inhibitors (AChE) on red blood cells by Donepezil HCl have been shown it has related with effect on cerebral cortex. Beside that, the significant related has been shown between concentration plasma Donepezil HCl, AchE inhibitors dan changing on ADAS-cog. The sensitive scale for memory check.


Indication :

Symptomatic therapy the signs of dementia on mild or moderate Alzheimer disease.


Dosage :

Adult and elderly people:

The starting dose is 5 mg per day. Donepezil HCl must be taken by oral on the night, before bedtime. Dosage 5 mg per day must be steady for at least 1 month for looking the first clinical therapy response and reach the steady-state from Donepezil HCl. After 1 month treatment evaluation of 5 mg per day, Donepezil HCl can be increased until 10 mg per day (once daily). Maximum daily dose recommended is 10 mg. For stopped the treatment, decreased effect Donepezil HCl by step leader. There is no event which shown the rebound effect after stopped the therapy.

Renal and hepatic impairment: Given Donepezil at the same time can be followed for patient with mild until moderate renal or hepatic impairment; Donepezile HCl clearance is not interfere by this condition.

Children: Donepezil HCl is not recommend on children.


Presentation and Registration Number :

ALMEN® Box, 3 strip @ 10 film coated tablet; DKL1308019517A1



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